Saturday, April 18, 2015

Front Yard Flowers and Trees

I've been keeping really busy with gardening, and I wanted to show off what I've done! Some plants are new, some we planted when we bought the house, some came with the house.

This is one of two blue hydrangeas I planted last year. I'm so glad it survived through winter!

One of three creeping jenny; I decided I wanted this as the main ground cover

Beautiful Ajuga I just planted. It's darker in person, and I love how it looks a bit evil. This should spread pretty quickly.

A Japanese Maple tree, came with the house. No effort on my part.

A lilac bush! Came with the house, I need to add extra compost on it apparently. But how cool!

A Kwansan Cherry tree that came with the house, so gorgeous! It's getting crowded by the other trees though so I need to trim them.

Two Dogwoods on either side of the Cherry tree. One's pretty small, the other is ginormous. It's obviously been trimmed around the house but it's taking over the cherry so I've gotta trim the other side. I'm not sure how hard that's going to be, considering hiring someone.

From the computer, I can look out the window and see the bird feeder hanging in the Cherry tree. We get lots of grackles, mourning doves, and cardinals. I am so incredibly happy and grateful for how beautiful everything looks. 

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