Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'm 26!

Today and yesterday David and I celebrated my birthday. Yesterday we went to our favorite Korean bakery, then a Korean grocery store and bought so much stuff. Today we ate at a Lavender farm, then shopped at a Japanese shop and a toy store. Here's all the pics I took!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Front Yard Flowers and Trees

I've been keeping really busy with gardening, and I wanted to show off what I've done! Some plants are new, some we planted when we bought the house, some came with the house.

This is one of two blue hydrangeas I planted last year. I'm so glad it survived through winter!

One of three creeping jenny; I decided I wanted this as the main ground cover

Beautiful Ajuga I just planted. It's darker in person, and I love how it looks a bit evil. This should spread pretty quickly.

A Japanese Maple tree, came with the house. No effort on my part.

A lilac bush! Came with the house, I need to add extra compost on it apparently. But how cool!

A Kwansan Cherry tree that came with the house, so gorgeous! It's getting crowded by the other trees though so I need to trim them.

Two Dogwoods on either side of the Cherry tree. One's pretty small, the other is ginormous. It's obviously been trimmed around the house but it's taking over the cherry so I've gotta trim the other side. I'm not sure how hard that's going to be, considering hiring someone.

From the computer, I can look out the window and see the bird feeder hanging in the Cherry tree. We get lots of grackles, mourning doves, and cardinals. I am so incredibly happy and grateful for how beautiful everything looks. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How to save money on makeup

I really enjoy watching Beauty Haul videos with my coffee. It's fun to see all the goodies people get, and often its a bit of a fantasy since most of us wouldn't spend that much. But when I watch the videos, I sometimes find the purchases a bit absurd. Granted if you had all the money in the world I understand trying everything, but for us on a budget, buying every eyeshadow pallet seems a bit much. So I thought I'd share some of my tricks for saving money on beauty products.

Shop at TJ Maxx and Marshalls
Now it might require a little digging, but the beauty sections at these stores always have insanely good deals. I recently purchased 5 lip sticks and 3 eyeliners by Kat Von D, a knock off beauty blender, and a 100 shade eyeshadow pallet all at discount. The items here are constantly changing, so going about every other week will keep you up to date on the latest. 

Get cheap eye shadows, but a good eye shadow base
My eye shadows are all E.L.F. brand, and I got it even cheaper at TJ Maxx because three colors were a bit wrong. But I have so many color options now! However, not all eye shadows are equal, and will give you great color pay off, so the trick is to get a great base. I use NYX white eyeshadow primer, and it makes every color, no matter how cheap, really stand out. If you're able to find a pallet with pretty much every color, you shouldn't feel like you're missing out too much by not buying the latest eye shadow pallets.

Decide on one or two splurge items for when you can get sample kits
Some things you just don't want to compromise on, for me it's under eye concealer. So I only buy name brand, BUT I only buy when theres an amazing deal going on at Ulta or Sephora. If you sign up for their emails, you'll be alerted to great samples. For example, recently if you spent $50 at Ulta, you got a huge kit of samples for free. So I bought my splurge items, and now I have a bunch of extra makeup. These sample kits often include small mascaras, and I seriously haven't had to buy one in years. I also got a beauty blender, eye shadow primer, and blush through sample kits, and those last you for a really long time.

Ask for skin care samples at Sephora
This is something I wouldn't advice doing too often, but I like to pick two lotions that sound good to me and get samples of them. On the off chance I'll make the splurge, this is a way to try and compare different products. But just those small samples can last you a really long time. I find lotion samples are best, since face wash can be basic and still get the job done. But I love getting samples of lotions by SK-II and Shiseido, since they're both a bit out of my price range.

Do your research before purchasing anything
If I get interested in a products, I'll watch review and demo videos, and check multiple sites for ratings. Sure it can be fun to buy products on a whim, but to spend that money and find out it was a waste is such a bummer.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Our vegetable garden

Something I have always wanted, is my own garden. When we first got married we lived in an apartment so I had to make do with indoor plants. Then when we bought our house, there was finally a yard, but it was the middle of summer so it was a bit late to get started and buy all the supplies.

But now! We did it! We spent a weekend and we finally built a vegetable garden! It was a long learning process, lots of soil, lots of sweat. But I am so so happy with the outcome. This house feels official. It's now a home.

Bonus picture, an ice cream truck came by!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sjogren's Syndrome

I forgot to make this post back when I made this video. As you can tell from the video, my mind and body haven't been exactly up to par, so it's easy for me to forget things. But here's the video I filmed a while ago:

It's been about a month since I filmed this so I can update a little. I'm on plaquenil but I've noticed no changes so far. My mouth and throat have gotten worse, as I really have to focus on eating to not choke, and often my voice comes and goes. I can't wear makeup as much as I like because my eyes can get so painfully dry. But the heartburn has gotten better so thats good. Right now I'm just doing what I can, mostly focusing any energy I have towards studying Japanese and gardening. I'm in better spirits than when I made this video, feeling a little less defeated, and more ready to face these challenges, But it's tough so it's just a day by day process.

Kawaii Box

For Christmas David got me a subscription to Kawaii Box and it was been the absolute best subscription box I've ever been subscribed to. Here's last months box:

And here's a picture from this month!

(No video, feeling too crappy, but def feel ecstatic over what I got!)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Facing myself

Hi guys, as you have obviously noticed, I haven't blogged in quite a few months. The truth is that my depression started to get really bad, and I needed to take the time to deal with it. I've been speaking with an amazing counselor, and it's really been life changing. Here I explain what all I've learned when dealing with grief:

I've also learned about mindfulness, and it really helps get me through the day. I focus on whats happening right now, not worrying about the unknown. And I don't shove away my emotions, I let myself feel them in full.

To be honest, all of that has been the easy part. Right now though, I'm really struggling with guilt, with not hating myself. When I get down to the core of whats really troubling me, it's how I feel about myself, how I blame myself for his death and hate myself for not being able to save him. I know you probably find this silly, as many do, but it's a true feeling of mine, and one I'm working on to fix. So online and in person, if I seem to be more distant, or quiet, just know theres a lot going on inside of me, a lot I'm trying to face. Trying to accept that I'm not to blame, trying to accept that I did the best I could, trying to accept that I am a good human being and deserve love.

Thanks for listening.