Monday, August 25, 2014

Dog Sitting

I've found a thing! A thing I like! A thing that makes me money while not killing me! Woohoo!

I'm an official dog sitter, I have a profile on, which means they take a percentage but that way I'm insured and also gets my name out there. I had my first client from there this past week and that was quite a learning experience!

I watch Sandy (my moms dog) often just cause I love her so much. When her friend found out, she asked me to watch Buck

That went really good, so then I decided I'd try making pet sitting official. I ended up watching Handsome, a hyper yorkie who was super cute.

Now I'm going to let a gal that lives near by come use our yard a few times a week so her big dog has a place to play (since theres no local dog park). 

If you happen to be local, heres my website link. So yeah, good stuff happening:)

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