Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Celebrity Deaths

This is going to be a weird post. It's 4 in the morning and I can't go back to sleep. If you haven't heard, Robin Williams died yesterday (apparent suicide). And while I'm incredibly sad over his passing, I'm not anywhere close to crying. Reading a lot of comments online, his death has really affected people more than they thought it would, ie first celebrity death they've cried over. So I kept wondering if I was weird for not being more visibly upset. But I think, when you've dealt with such a close, powerful, soul sucking, nothing makes sense anymore death, the death of others doesn't hit you as much. You know grief, what it really is. You know how it feels to hear those words, to lose someone you see every day, not just in a movie every now and then. Suddenly death, the way you react to it, it's not the same anymore. You're familiar with it, its a presence that looms around you forever. So the passing of a celebrity, while horrible and sad, it just doesn't affect you like it used to.

I'm not sure the point of this post, it's mostly a rant, and hey, isn't that what a blog is for? I guess I'm just trying to form into words how I feel, so I don't berate myself for not being more upset. Meh, words and stuff.

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