Thursday, April 17, 2014

Work it David!

My grandma and grandpa were insanely kind enough to pay for David to get new clothes! He's gone from an XXXL to a Medium!!! So that required a whole new wardrobe, and more importantly, work clothes. Check him out!

Um hello, who is this guy?!?! Here's a reminder of what he looked like at our wedding:

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?!?!?! I am so incredibly proud of him, it's been about a year now that he's been dieting, and it hasn't been easy, that's for sure. But he's been so determined! Now his blood pressure is normal and he doesn't snore anymore. But most of all, he's happy with how he looks, and man does he look good!!

Thank you again grandma and grandpa!! We're super grateful!!

P.S. David and I are finishing our diets this week, but we plan to continue to eat healthy. We've both learned a lot about healthy eating habits and we're excited to be at our ideal weights:)

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  1. Oh my heck, he is such an inspiration! What an amazing guy you have!!! I can't even imagine having the self control to do something half this impressive, way to go David! (ps, the Lumberjacks name is David too.)