Saturday, March 8, 2014

My results and Walden Farms reviews

Let me preface this by saying, even though David has lost over 100lbs with Ideal Protein, the fact that I can never lose weight has convinced me that IP wont work for me. But on Wednesday I went in for my weigh-in and the results?

I lost 5lbs!!!

I've never weighed this little! And even though I lost weight I'm still having a hard time believing this will work. If it does though, I'm curious as to when it will finally click for me. But for now I'm just sticking with it, slowly becoming less grumpy as I go on.

I'm still not a fan of vegetables, but I've found that if I cook broccoli and cauliflower till its mushy, then add lemon juice, it's pretty yummy. And David and I are looking into various recipes using zucchini.

So all our Walden Farms stuff arrived! And it ain't too bad. Just a little background info, WF products have zero carbs, and most of the time, zero anything else. You can find them at some grocery stores, but I recommend They have the biggest selection and its way cheaper.

We got Caesar and Italian salad dressing and man oh man I'm so happy we did. I was worried because WF Ranch is pretty awful, but these were great! I'm excited to try the Caesar with chicken and salad, I think that'll be good.

The Chocolate Syrup tastes a little odd but it will totally satisfy your chocolate craving. Plus you can add it into the IP shakes and puddings for extra chocolaty goodness.

The Peanut Butter is a bit meh, since it's not very sweet. But David added it to his vanilla drink and thought it was really good. We're also going to experiment with making a peanut sauce for chicken.

The Honey BBQ is pretty good, so long as you don't use a lot. I dip my chicken in it and love it that way. I'm soooo happy about it!

I've always just learned about brining and oh man, it makes such a difference! I was never a big meat person but having chicken be all moist is awesome.

So, success!

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