Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh hello pictures

I keep getting frustrated with the quality of pictures my phone takes and so I haven't uploaded much lately. Then I sort of had an "oh duh" moment when I realized I should just be using our nice digital camera. So here's some pics!

My latest tattoo! Jabba the Hutt from Return of the Jedi

The snow storm we had recently. Looks pretty but we were stuck for a few days and I got cabin fever lol

Birds that always hang in a nearby tree when it snows.

Roses from David from Valentines Day

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Complain complain

I hate not posting, but I feel bad when all I have to say is mostly me whining. A couple weeks ago, David and I got pretty sick. He got better after a few days but it took me a while. Then I twisted my ankle last week. THEN the crutches I used bruised me and I could barely use my arms the next few days. I've been kinda stuck for a while, either sick, or severe cramps (I'm out of meds and don't see the doc for a while), or needing to rest my foot, so I really haven't been up to much. I've been watching plenty of Sailor Moon and playing lots of Animal Crossing though (ah, the sweet life haha).

Oh and last weekend we celebrated Mary's birthday! We played this fun/complicated board game called Agricola , then went out for sushi, followed by some DnD. It was a good time and I'm so glad we're friends:)

We're suppose to get a huge snow storm starting tonight. Part of me is just so done with the snow, especially with our heat being unreliable. But I also love how it looks, and that David gets to stay home with me. I'm a sucker for a day full of video games and cuddles.

Last note, we got a Playstation 4! We used Amazon points and got it for only $150! I'm so excited to watch Blu-rays, I've never seen one before. David bought me Pacific Rim on blu-ray for Christmas, so we're going to watch that first. He's already played a few free games on it and the graphics are just so insane! I'm so glad we were able to afford it.

Valentines Day and David's birthday are coming up, so expect a post on those soon!