Wednesday, January 8, 2014

And a happy new year

I'm really pooped from doing things around the house today but also feel like blogging, so apologies in advance for how frazzled/random this post may be.

We spent New Years with some friends in Reston, and though the drive was long (especially at 1am when you just want to sleep), we had a good time and I got a bottle of wine out of it (woo alcohol white elephant).

Our heat hasn't been doing too great lately. As you probably know, everyone is getting hit with super cold weather, and it seems our radiators can't keep up. We even spent a night at David's parents it got so cold here. Hopefully the coldest days are behind us, plus we plan to buy another little heater.

I have a severe addiction to Animal Crossing New Leaf. Granted it's not really a bad addiction, but I do play it all throughout the day. Yoga, AC, dishes, AC, dusting, AC... You get the idea.

David shaved his beard and omg, who is this guy??

He's so skinny!

I leave you with this Jpop song that is so insanely catchy:

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