Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas was great! Sadly I didn't take any pictures, but sometimes thats for the best. Being behind a camera can take you out of the moment and make it harder to enjoy what is happening. I don't really regret not taking pics, because I have some good memories.

A week before Christmas, we exchanged gifts with our close friends, Will, Roger, and Mary (we hang every week, often to play DnD). There was a common theme of Magic, Adventure Time, and Pokemon. I'm so grateful for them!

David took Christmas week off, so that Monday we opened the presents we gave each other. Some of my favorites from him were an herb learning board game, an old playstation game I used to play with my brother, and an amazing art piece David made himself.

Tuesday evening we went to my moms, where my grandparents had been staying. Josh, Leah, and Eevee came over and we had a delicious Christmas dinner, followed by presents. Eevee loved opening presents which was adorable. I got some great albums and a set of mixing bowls I've been dying for. David was really surprised and happy to get a dream cast.

Wednesday morning we went to David's folks and opened presents there. We(David, Andrew, and I) all got 3DSs! So of course after we were done with presents we spent the next hours just playing pokemon. I also got a really soft fluffy robe that has been great for how cold it is. After hours of pokemon we had a really yummy lunch there.

So yeah! Christmas was a lot of fun, and I love making it last more than one day. I hope your Christmas was good too!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Ello all! First off, thank you everyone for your kind words on David's weight loss. We got so many encouraging messages and I'm glad David was able to inspire many of you!

The latest news is that I quit my job a few weeks ago. Mainly because of my health; my immune system couldn't handle all the people interactions, and I kept having fibro flare ups. It's a bummer but for the best. And I'm happy to be feeling better and able to get things done around the apartment. While working, it had been difficult to find the energy to clean or make dinners. I finally getting back to (my) normal. Today I vacuumed the stairs, cleaned the bathroom, washed dishes, and am hanging with friends tonight. It feels good to be doing things again.

I'm so excited for Christmas! It's my favorite holiday (as I probably mention every year), and we even got our tree up BEFORE Thanksgiving haha! Remember we're in a different apartment from last year, and we ended up having a great spot for our tree.

Our Tree

Lit up

We also got stockings this year, David's is Adventure Time, mine is Hello Kitty.


 And our ornament for this year is a Japanese Lucky Cat!

2013 Ornament

Plan for plenty of present pictures to come!