Friday, October 18, 2013

Ideal Protein FAQs

Alright, David's down almost 100lbs so besides showing you guys an amazing before and after picture, I figure its time we do a FAQ, being that we still get these all the time.

What is Ideal Protein? It's a diet, a very strict one, where you can only have lean meats and vegetables. You also use provided packaged food.

So you drink shakes? If you want, they have shakes. But they also have cereal, bars, chips, soup, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, chicken patties, etc. There are a ton of packaged food options and they actually taste really good.

So what do you eat all day? Well for breakfast David normally has strawberry wafer bars with coffee and tea. At lunch he has a salad with two cups of veggies and a packaged food. And at dinner he eats 8oz of meat, plus salad and two cups of veggies.

8oz? Thats seems like a lot for one meal! Yes but he hasn't had meat all day, so it makes up for it.

Are you sure you can have that much meat? Yes, omg, just trust us.

Want to go out for drinks? Alcohol of any kind is not allowed. You'd be surprised at the calories and carbs in booze.

It's Thanksgiving! Can't you just cheat for one day and have some pie? Nope. No cheating allowed what so ever. That will ruin everything.

So David's never cheated? Nope, he is that determined to lose weight.

He's been on it so long he probably doesn't care if I eat this pizza in front of him right? No, David still misses bad food, and making him sit through that is mean. He doesn't want to deprive you of your food, but forcing him to sit through a meal of tacos and donuts is rude.

Will Laura let you have ___? What? I didn't make this diet, and I didn't force him to do it either.

You can't even have fruit? Sugar and carbs.

Is it expensive? Very. Consultation price, plus prepackaged foods, plus fresh veggies. Make sure you can afford this before starting, and have a budget.

When do you plan to stop? When David is happy with his body or has reached a healthy weight range.

Won't you just gain all the weight back? Ideal Protein has three phases, David is currently in phase one. Once he's reached his goal, he will go into phase two, which slowly integrates more foods. Phase three is last, which helps him get used to more food, but also healthy food so he doesn't gain it all back.

I think that covers all of them. If you still have a question feel free to leave a comment. And now for David's before and after!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Side effects

Two nights ago I awoke at 3am to a panic attack. In my sleep stupor, it didn't seem odd to me, and eventually I fell back asleep a couple hours later. Last night, right after taking my allergy med, I began to feel the tightening in my chest. Anxiety, depression, and mood swings are all possible side effects of Singular (the allergy med I've been trying as of late), and I finally realized (with the help of David) that this was the cause.

Unlike a  normal panic attack, where some deep breathing and a little medicine help, this one was being forced upon me. It wasn't going to go away quick or easily. And to the rescue came David.

He brought in the shower stool, play station, and tv, all so I could watch Sleeping Beauty in bed to help me relax. Can I just say, best husband ever. He stayed with me for a while, rubbing my back, and eventually I was able to fall asleep. 

So what did we learn? Singular is out, and David is amazing(but that one was obvious^_^)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Recently, for some unknown reason, I get nauseous when it comes to meat (nope, not pregnant). I can eat some things, like sushi, chicken salad from my favorite diner, etc, but at home I'm completely done with meat. Now with David's diet, he needs a lot of protein, so sometimes I'll still cook him a meat dish. But mostly I've been sticking with Tofu for our dinners. Since tofu has a lot of protein and low carbs (unlike chickpeas), it's a great meatless option for us.

For anyone who is interested in tofu cooking but doesn't know where to start, hopefully this will give you some ideas. I'm no expert, but I'm learning quickly what does and doesn't work.

Tofu comes in a few different ways; Extra Firm, Firm, Soft, Silken...honestly I always stick with Extra Firm. It provides David with volume and texture that leaves him satisfied. Eventually I hope to work with Soft tofu, which is more recommended for making things like puddings and smoothies.

Most tofu recipes recommend a breading of some sort, but on Ideal Protein that isn't allowed. It limits some of our options, but it also makes me experiment more. If you don't already own a bunch, plan on buying a variety of spices. No idea what they taste like? Practice makes perfect! Some nights I'll just randomly pick two spices I've never tried or used before and see how it turns out. We have yet to have anything we wouldn't eat!

When you buy tofu, you'll notice the package is filled with water. If you open your tofu package but don't plan to cook it, you'll need to change out the water with fresh water everyday. If you plan to cook it, pour out the water and place the tofu on a paper towel. Slice the tofu in half, then place the next piece on another paper towel. You're then going to place the tofu on top of each other, and then a heavy object on top of them (I use my kettle). The goal is to get as much water out of the tofu as possible. The more water, the more spongy it will be and the less flavors it will absorb. I recommend letting it sit an hour, then replacing the wet towels with dry, and letting it sit another hour. Some will let theirs sit much longer, but I feel this is good enough without wasting too much time.

Now that your tofu is dry, cut it in whatever shapes you want. I stick to simple cubes, but I'm sure you've seen the cute triangles people do. Then pick your seasons, coat, and let it sit for a while.

Here I mixed the tofu with garlic powder, oregano, salt, pepper, and some lemon slices.

When it comes to cooking tofu, I stick to a skillet. I like to get our tofu crispy, plus its faster than an oven. I've heard mixed things on using oil when cooking tofu, and I tend to avoid it since oil and water don't really mix. If the tofu is sticking too much (I use a nonstick pan most of the time), try adding some lemon juice. And don't be afraid to let your tofu get dark, otherwise it'll be too mushy.

And really, that's it! Tofu is super easy to prepare and cook, and offers a great vegetarian option with plenty of protein. I plan to post some of my favorite tofu recipes so stay tuned!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

One year anniversary

We've been married a year! Wahoo!!

We spent most of the day watching Twin Peaks, then had sushi, exchanged gifts, and then worked on our Halloween cookie house.

What I got David

What he got me

Twas a good day!! <3