Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our Apartment-Fully Moved In

Okay okay, I finally took pictures of our place. Granted, its kinda plain since we can't afford too many decorations at the moment (or the effort to paint the walls), but it is officially home.

The living room is huuuuuuge, and so is that couch, which we got for $100 at a yard sale. The huge coffee table was $3 at a goodwill. We don't have cable, so we connect a laptop to the tv and just watch Hulu and Netflix. At the window is Liz, along with an Aloe plant and a succulent. Behind the tv is a Basil plant thats been really handy.

This is the, uh, you know, area by the living room that we don't have a use for. But eventually when we have a kid we might move our desks out here and make the study a nursery.

 Bedroom! Lots of room, and a lot of light, which isn't very fun at 5:30am. Thank goodness for eye masks.

With the angled ceilings we had to hang our tapestry a bit different but I really like it.  

Kitchen! Yes, horrible cabinets, I know, and they really need hardware, we're working on that. But check out all that storage!

The study featuring my fabulous husband. One side is for the computer, other side is for crafts. Behind that curtain is an alcove we use for storage.

We always have our dinning table up now that theres so much room. We don't eat at it too often, mostly for writing lists or going through mail.

The bathroom! Ah, so much space. See how the curtain rod can't go any higher? When David takes showers is whole head is above the curtain, its pretty funny.

So there ya go! It's got a lot of space and some great angles and is literally 2 blocks from my job. Ironically, today a couple is moving into our old apartment, feels so weird!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Zucchini Noodles and Meat Sauce

What, you expected apartment pictures? Silly readers, you know David and I are bad at cleaning and putting things away. Don't hold your breath on those pictures, they'll happen some

Anywho! Here's a dish I make once a week since David loves it so much. Ideal Protein and Atkins friendly, this is super cheap and easy to make.