Thursday, February 28, 2013

Graze Snack Subscription

I recently signed up for the Graze subscription service. Once a week they send you a box with four healthy snacks. Here's the first box we got:

What cute packaging! We enjoyed all of the snacks in the first graze box, half in the second, and the majority in the third, so it can be a bit of a hit or miss at first. But you rate each snack so Graze knows what to and not to send again.

They're a new company so there's been some complications with boxes arriving on time, but I really enjoy the variety, and at $5 a week it's a pretty great deal. If you'd like to give it a try use the code T9DTFFL and get your first box free!

I love me subscription services, but this one I can legit justify doing, and both David and I benefit from it.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Oof, haven't been this sick in a while. Have just been in bed past couple days, not doing anything. However check out Liz:


She's blooming! This is our lemon tree from the wedding, how exciting:)

Monday, February 18, 2013

David's Birthday

This past Friday we celebrated David's birthday! I made him pick a theme and he went with nautical/pirate/mermaid/sailor/kraken.

 I found the perfect paper at a scrapbooking store and made flags!

Some awesome pictures I found online.

 Dude, I made this! Thanks to the frosting kit my grandma got me, and some internet videos, I did ruffle frosting. 

 My hands we so sore afterwards, but I'm really happy with how the cake turned out:)

We had a great time and David's been busy playing the video games he got:)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Dinner

David surprised me with reservations at Foode! It's a great restaurant down the street from us that uses local ingredients. We don't go often because it's pricey, so this was a wonderful treat!

Forewarning, I took awful pictures. Low lighting plus shaking hands.

IMG_0193 IMG_0194 IMG_0197 IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0201 IMG_0202 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205 IMG_0206 Carrot Cake Dark Chocolate Mousse