Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to knitting

So I was on a crochet rampage for quite a while but thanks to MomW's Christmas gift, I've started up knitting again. I ended up trying out a bunch of different things and I really like how this bow looks:

(Taken with iphone, so blurry) 

The colors are suppose to represent Pinkie Pie. I'm thinking of making a bow for every pony. The yarn costs a bit since it's pretty soft, but I think it looks best. Then I'd attach a barrette and sell on etsy! At least thats what I'm hoping lol. If I am able to get a lot more yarn I'll try selling them here

Also! Just got an email saying our wedding is going to be on Offbeat Bride!! Really grateful and super excited!


  1. Found your blog 'cause of your Offbeat Bride post. Gorgeous wedding, btw.

    I'm also a knitter and I'm wondering if you'd share the pattern for the bow - so cute and it looks like such a fast, fun little project. :)

  2. Thanks!
    It's super simple! CO 15, knit first row, on second row purl 2, knit till theres two stitches left, purl. then repeat! I think I used size 4 needles. Oh and the middle part is just CO whatever seemed like enough then bind off and tie in the back :)