Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm just so giddy! So many good things happening!

It snowed finally! This is the first time it's snowed since we moved into our apartment, and look at our view! So beautiful! As if the city wasn't pretty enough. 

Since David stayed home from work we went out for lunch. It was nice how few people were out. We went to Fizzlebottoms and oh man, it was good. We got curry-tomato soup, pork loin and bacon jam sandwich, jamacian jerk chicken sandwich, and chocolate-nutella shakes. Yuuuuuum. I'm so grateful we can just walk to such great restaurants.

Then I woke up today and saw our wedding is on Offbeat Bride!! You can view it here! Everyone has been so nice, I'm in constant giggle mode.

Then I walked a few blocks to a chiropractor. It wasn't very far, but the hills and stairs wore me out a bit. But it felt really good! I look forward to the walking. And oh man, she was so great! I loved how kind she was, and the fact that she didn't push things. I'm so happy to be going to a chiro again.

So it's been a good few days!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Back to knitting

So I was on a crochet rampage for quite a while but thanks to MomW's Christmas gift, I've started up knitting again. I ended up trying out a bunch of different things and I really like how this bow looks:

(Taken with iphone, so blurry) 

The colors are suppose to represent Pinkie Pie. I'm thinking of making a bow for every pony. The yarn costs a bit since it's pretty soft, but I think it looks best. Then I'd attach a barrette and sell on etsy! At least thats what I'm hoping lol. If I am able to get a lot more yarn I'll try selling them here

Also! Just got an email saying our wedding is going to be on Offbeat Bride!! Really grateful and super excited!