Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Posting from my phone

We're married!! But we don't have Internet so I can't post any pictures yet! Once I do I'll make sure to go into plenty of detail about it all.

I'm moved in for the most part; we've got a great apartment in the Downtown area. I can't work yet cause of my Fibro so I've been keeping busy with cleaning and cooking. Since we don't have tv or Internet I've been watching a lot of movies, which is fun but makes the day feel extra long. We're still in the process of buying the furniture we need, but I'll post pictures once that's accomplished.

So weird that my last name has changed and I have a husband. But so awesome!! David and I are loving the married life.

Off to dinner with David, MomD, and the grandfolks!

P.s. You can blame Verizon for our lack of Internet. They've been awful and lying. Finally giving up on them and going with Cox.

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