Monday, September 10, 2012

The most hectic month ever

September, oh how you're driving me crazy. There's just so much happening! Lots still to do for the wedding, which has me on anxiety overload. Today mom and I just bought stuff to make direction signs. Oh and I had my first fitting last week! I broke out in a rash during it due to nerves; I'm just not good with attention! We've finally sent out all the invitations, that was hectic. The bridesmaid dresses are finally done and should be mailed here soon, and then once we see them we'll be able to pick the bow tie color. We figured out how my hair and makeup will be. And I'm finally getting my skin problems taken care of thanks to facials and buying the right products.


Oh my goodness, it's so wonderful! It's in Downtown Fredericksburg, which is a great old, little city. All sorts of stores: antiques, book stores, coffee shops, farmers market, all that you can walk to. And we'll live right across from the library! The apartment is above a physical therapy gym, owned by a really great lady. Our apartment has such a big living room! Theres a cute little kitchen, some nice closets, and one bedroom and one bath. There's also some outdoor space for me to plant stuff! David moves in in 2 weeks, so I'll try to take some pictures then. We couldn't be happier!

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