Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Facials: Massage Envy vs Facelogic

I am a glutton for nice things. Nice food, nice sheets, nice smells, and especially, nice skin products. I don't wear make up every day, so having nice skin is a big deal to me. However, I suffer from the awful combo of sensitive, dry, and acne, which is hard to treat. The wedding is coming up and I've gotten desperate to help my skin. My choices were dermatologist or facials, and naturally, I chose the more pampered and less severe option. I've now had facials at both Massage Envy and Facelogic, and I thought I'd share my experiences and compare the two.

The beginning:

Facelogic: You are first given a basket with a terry cloth robe, which you change into in a little dressing room. Then you give your basket, filled with your clothes/belongings to the esthetician. The act alone of them carrying your stuff already makes you feel spoiled (and I am all for that). Facelogic follows a more European approach in their set up, so that the facials all happen in one large room. There are little wall dividers for privacy, but you can still hear the murmurs of other estheticians and their clients. For some this might be awkward, but as long as no one is talking too loud, it's fine with me. Their set up for you is pretty interesting. What starts out as an oversized chair, slowly tips back into a bed with a leg lift. It's ingenious and pretty comfy, though I'm never sure what to do with my arms. Each little facial station has everything they need; sinks, steamers, products, hot towels. It's all very convenient so they don't have to get up and get stuff.

Massage Envy: If there is room (which at my local ME it's usually pretty busy) you can wait in the relaxation room, aka, dimmed lights and spa music. When you go back with the esthetician, it is in a small room, exactly like their massage ones. She leaves the room as you undress, then lie face up on a massage table. The music is a bit hard to hear, and it's seriously quiet in there. Because of the layout, the esthetician often has to get up and walk around the bed to get what she needs, so things take a little longer.

The facial:

Facelogic: You have two main options with your facial; either get the regular one that's at the lower price, or splurge and get a fancy one specific for your needs. How many fancy ones are there? Too many to count (and all different brands). I've gone many times and have gotten many different ones, but also the simple ones as well. Both will be relaxing and clean your skin, but the fancy one usually includes a few more masks. During any of the facials, there is very little talking (just things like "this may tingle" or "does this feel okay?") and you are in total relaxation mode. During one of the masks they'll give you a hand/arm/shoulder massage that can feel pretty amazing, though it may depend on who you get.

Massage Envy: ME only uses Murad products and offers four different facials: Acne, Aging, Vitamin C, and Sensitive. I was given an Acne one and told that in the future, when my skin has cleared up more, they would use Vitamin C. The lights stay most of the way on, and the esthetician will explain to you the products she's using and why. There is a hand/arm/shoulder massage, but it is pretty brief and feels like more so of a way to pass the time. However you also get a face massage, which was different and very relaxing. I've always heard face massages are good for the skin so I'm glad that's included.

The verdict:

Both are good at what they do but they specialize in different areas. If you're looking for a spa experience with pampering and relaxation, then go to Facelogic. If you want more skin care issues addressed and bigger results, go to Massage Envy.

What do I do? Well if I could afford it, I'd go to both. I love the spa experience and total relaxation, great for wedding stress. But I also love getting to the bottom of my skin issues and getting them under control. Because my skin is so difficult, I'm actually combining products from both places; I've got the Eminence cleanser and moisturizer from Facelogic, and the Murad mask from ME. If you're lucky and your skin isn't as complicated as mine, then hopefully you can just stick with one brand/spa.

So tell me, which would you rather go to? Do you prefer more of a spa experience or more of a clinical one?

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  1. It’s a matter of needs and preference. If the sole reason you’re going to a spa is to feel good and de-stress, then those moderns spa-experience type will do. Whereas if you’re after treating a skin condition, then it’s safer to choose those spas with a more clinical approach. Thanks for sharing with us the sum of comparison based on your experience!

    Lilia Valle @ La Fleur Day Spa