Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Love Love Love

It's another teaser! You'll notice I'm laughing in most of them, David has that affect on me (one of the many reasons why I love him so much).

This Saturday we're having a co-ed bachelor/ette party. This is a 21+ one that'll just consist of eating and drinking till our heart's content. Then in the future we'll have separate parties that are more legit, with gift giving and activities and what not (and our friends/family under 21 can attend).

The earrings I ordered for the wedding arrived! They're 0g, which is one size bigger than I'm at, so I've been working on getting there. (If this all sounds foreign to you, my ears are stretched, partially because they always got infected with regular earrings, partially because I love how it looks. The plugs I got for the wedding were only made starting at a certain size, and I was one size too small. So at the moment, I've got spiral earrings that get bigger towards the end, and I'm using them to stretch my holes.) 

The rings have been ordered! It'll be a little while till the artists starts making them, same with the bridesmaid dresses, so the waiting is difficult. 

Mom and I went to Short Pump Mall and got dresses for the wedding! Well, hers is for the day of, mine is for the day before. Mine comes with a yellow fabric belt, but because yellow isn't really a fall color (at least not this yellow) we're going to use one of the fabrics we're hanging at the wedding instead. How cool will that be!

And in non wedding news, please keep David in your thoughts and prayers. For some reason, his security clearance is taking way longer than it should, and it's very stressful for him, plus he's not working. He's talked to the people at his job and they aren't sure why either, though their security lady has been on vacation so that could be a factor. But we thought he'd be starting quite a few weeks ago so the waiting has not been fun.


  1. Just so you know, I FREAKIN' LOVE YOUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES! They're seriously the best! And you guys are so stinkin' CUTE! <3

  2. Holy cow what a fun blog!!! Congrats on the wedding!!!