Saturday, April 7, 2012

Slow week

Earlier this week I managed to hit my pinky toe twice. It's all swollen and purple, causing me to limp a bit. So I haven't been doing too much since it's hard to walk.

I thought I'd do a little knitting but I wanted to show you guys how much I can do before my hands hurt too much:


Yup, kinda sad. Thus why it takes me forever to finish anything. But at least I'm doing something.

Here's a picture of last night's dinner:

Usual dinner

It's easy and super delicious. Just cook some pre-seasoned Tilapia and combine with rice, kewpie mayo, and furikake. I also made salad with apple slices, delicious!

I'm trying to expand my wine palate so I tried Chardonnay for the first time.

Black Swan Chardonnay

It was pretty good, very light. I'd pare it with an appetizer. Not as good as merlot though, that's my favorite.

In wedding news, we're finally meeting with a potential DJ on Monday. Something annoying I've found, is often times I'll love a band/singer, but every one of their songs is depressing and not something I'd want at a wedding. Why can't you people be happy! 

Anywho, going to go play some more Mass Effect 2. It's addicting.

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  1. When I get back home you should teach me how to knit. That'd be awesome. :]