Thursday, March 8, 2012

Review: Pacifica Island Vanilla

Today I got a wonderful package from Pacifica! I won a contest and I'm so excited to share what I got.

I've never used Pacifica products before, but I always lust after them when I'm in Wegmens. Vegan, natural, delicious scents. That's what I'm all about.

First of all, Island Vanilla is possibly the loveliest thing my nose has experienced. It's not your average cooking vanilla smell, nor your artificial one. This is comfort and beauty wrapped up in a scent. The roll-on is incredible. And it doesn't give me a headache like most perfumes. In fact there's nothing perfumey about it, and that's what makes it so awesome.

The Body Butter is very creamy, but I'm also able to type with it on and not feel like I'm messing up the keyboard. The smell is a little different from the roll-on, not as clean, but still a lovely one that I'm excited to use. And again, IT'S VEGAN! Ahhh, this just makes me so happy!

Lastly the lip tint. Backstory, my lips are kind of odd. They almost always look blue, and though I'm warm all the time, people think I'm freezing. This lip tint is a nice light and natural color, so it works great with my lips, making them look normal. I'm also really surprised by how nice it feels. It has essential fatty acids and feels a lot nicer than lots of chapsticks I own. The scent is very light but pleasing.

Oh my goodness, I cannot rave enough about this! If you've been looking for a signature scent for yourself, something that won't over power or cause headaches, go check out Pacifica asap.

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