Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birchbox: Box 3

Oh ho ho, am I excited to share this months Birchbox! It came with some wonderful goodies!

Birchbox March


Ahava Moisturizer

Oh man, I'm really digging this moisturizer. It doesn't work miracles when it comes to dryness, but what's awesome, besides it's scent, is how it goes matte. I don't normally wear makeup, so I tend to look shiny after putting on my morning lotion. But this just goes matte, which is crazy awesome.

Annick Goutal Perfume

Annick Goutal Perfume
I'm not sure where to begin with this perfume. It's the first perfume I've used that actually had notes. At first, it just smells musky, sort of an old fashioned perfume smell. The second note was citrus, which smelled pretty nice. Then lastly came the obnoxious stereotypical perfume smell. Other than the layers,  I wasn't impressed. It also gave me quite the headache.

Color Club Nail Polish

Pink nails
WOAH. Now that is pink! I have never worn such bright polish before! I've got to say, it was a pretty fun change. It's not something I plan to wear often, but it really was pretty. And it lasted about a week, which for me is rare.

Juice Beauty Cleanser

Oh how I love this cleanser! The smell reminds me of what is used during a facial. It feels gentle but it still helps with acne. I'm getting this asap.

Keratase Oil
Huh. I'm not much of a hair oil person. I have thin straight hair, so oil kind of scares me. But I was pretty impressed with this. I use it after a shower, and it helps comb out tangles. I don't see a huge improvement, but I think my ends may be healthier since using. It really is great for tangles though, so I plan to use it till it runs out.

Tea Forte Pack
TEA!?!?! Oh man, you have noooo idea how happy I was about this. I am a huge tea drinker. I've got an obnoxious amount of tea taking over my mom's kitchen. So getting to try any tea is a huge treat for me. However, I've got to say I was pretty disappointed with these.

Tea Forte Cucumber Mint
I couldn't smell much cucumber, just mint. It really didn't have any flavor.

Tea Forte Cherry Marzipan
You can really smell the cherries in this, it's almost over powering. Taste wise though, I just taste the green tea, which by itself is too bitter for me.

Tea Forte Honey Yuzu 
This certainly smelled nice, but the taste was very bitter. Not pleasant at all.
So for the tea, go for it if you enjoy the taste of plain green tea. Just don't expect any of the flavors to actually exist.

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