Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I'm finishing up David's scarf (oh how my hands are tired haha), reading Dragonfly In Amber, and being loved by Sandy. This is life for me at the moment.

Valentines Day was fun. David and I made each other cards, and we both included the line "crazy for you". It's amazing how in sync we are sometimes. We then saw The Woman In Black, which was TERRIFYING! Oh man, we jumped so many times, I almost screamed at one point. It was pretty good, though it had a depressingish ending. Then we were going to go to Ihop but it was packed, along with all the other restaurants. So we got Mcdonalds instead heh. It was a good day:)

EDIT: Here's the Valentine I made for David(it's based of the Joker from Batman):


  1. Best. Valetine's Day card. EVER! This is why I love you guys. <3

  2. Dude, soooo you like to read, yes? Would you ever be interested in being a beta reader for me? I need help on a book I've written, but no one seems to be very diligent in helping me out. All I need is for someone to actually read the whole thing and give input. Also, sorry for the spamming of blog comments!

    1. I would love to! I actually really enjoy proofreading stuff, I used to proof read all of David's college papers and even some of his classmates. I can't promise I'll be amazing at it but I'd be happy to:D

    2. Dude woman! Email me at