Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This review will be pretty short and not with the best of pictures. I haven't been feeling up to my usual reviewing and I just wanted to get this one done.

This is a powder that, when combined with water, is suppose to be a nice exfoliator. But it really didn't do much for me. I normally use a face brush because my skin gets so dry, and this wasn't close. I think this would be better for oily skin.

HA. Yeah, no way am I doing this. How lazy have we become? And my lids are way too small for these. I watched the Birchbox how-to video and I think they just look ridiculous. The majority of folks that got these in their box tend to agree.

Luminizing? Let's just call it what it is: sparkles. I rarely have luck with tinted anything, given my crazy pale skin, and though this was close to matching, there's no way I'm going out looking like I belong in a night club.

I don't really wear makeup anymore, but I still gave this a try with my mousse foundation. It worked pretty great, so I'm sure if you used it with liquid (like intended) it would be awesome.

So this month was a bit of a let down, but Birchbox made up for it by sending a special Vichy box half way through. I'll review those in a little bit.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I get so frustrated with my hands. My fibro affects them the most, so after just doing very little (sometimes nothing), they start to ache. And it's a bit difficult to find actives that don't involve your hands, besides watching something. I feel so lazy and defeated if I can't knit. Even typing this just feels awful. I've been meaning to make a Birchbox review post but my hands ache too much for me to take pictures of the products. I'm not sure what to do when I get like this, besides just watching more things. I am happy I got some stuff done today before they started acting up, I just hate that now I'm stuck.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Just wanted to share some songs I've really been digging lately:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wedding Sneak Peek

Every now and then I'll post a picture of some small details from the wedding. Nothing that'll give stuff away, just enough to leave you guessing. Here's todays:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Leah's Baby Shower

Josh and Leah are having a girl in a few months, so this Saturday was the baby shower. Sorry in advance for any blurriness, all the pictures were taken with my phone.

This punch was to die for! I took the picture after everyone had already drank a bunch.

Of course the real stars of the event were the dogs. 

I won a trivia game and mom guessed Leah's belly size accurately. This is our loot.

Everyone got a kick out of these tights.

I got her a sailor dress! Also a onesie that says "I love my Auntie".

We had a really good time! The food was delicious and it was nice to meet so many kind ladies. My niece is going to be so stylish :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

David's birthday

David turned 22 yesterday! We went out three times with different people, man am I stuffed!

Redlobster with his family, I got crab legs:)

Pancho Villa with my mom, rice and beans as usual.

His presents from me were some cats for his wall and a finally finished knitted scarf. Sunday MomW is making veggie pizza and fruit pizza! Tis a good birthday week.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I'm finishing up David's scarf (oh how my hands are tired haha), reading Dragonfly In Amber, and being loved by Sandy. This is life for me at the moment.

Valentines Day was fun. David and I made each other cards, and we both included the line "crazy for you". It's amazing how in sync we are sometimes. We then saw The Woman In Black, which was TERRIFYING! Oh man, we jumped so many times, I almost screamed at one point. It was pretty good, though it had a depressingish ending. Then we were going to go to Ihop but it was packed, along with all the other restaurants. So we got Mcdonalds instead heh. It was a good day:)

EDIT: Here's the Valentine I made for David(it's based of the Joker from Batman):

Monday, February 13, 2012

Random whatnots

Friday evening we met with a couple of potential wedding photographer. We met with a wonderful team that was a married couple, and they're going to be doing the pictures! (Check out their site)

Before that, mom and I went to Ikea to look for random things. Afterwards we ate at their restaurant for the first time. The service was slow, but man was the food good. I have fish that was delicious, and she had chicken that was to die for. Who knew Ikea was so awesome?

There's not too much else to report. I had a fibro flare up yesterday that was pretty unpleasant. David took care of me though and I'm feeling much better today. I've been consistent with the chiropractor and now I'll be going two times a week instead of three. My headaches are a lot less often and severe. I'm very hopeful about it all.

Tomorrow David and I are going to see The Woman In Black for Valentines day :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bridesmaid Invitations

I finally picked my bridal party! I wanted to do something cute rather than just simply ask them, so I looked around online for some inspiration and came up with this.

I painted the envelopes with water colors and used washi tape to seal them. Inside is all sorts of info, a picture of the dresses they'll be wearing, and some other odds and ends to give them a feel of the style of the wedding. 

They all said yes :)