Sunday, January 29, 2012

Food Tasting Round 2

Oh man, I love food. I mean, seriously. I am a glutton. I wish I could eat out for every meal, ugh.

Ahem, so on that note, we had the second food tasting! We tried chicken with three different sauces, and it was easy to pick the winner. It's also so weird and different and ahhh I love it! I can't wait for people to try it!

Then we tried some sides (another easy pick), and then some more appetizers. They were all just so neat! I'll make sure to get plenty of photos of the food at the wedding to show you guys. I am just way too excited about the food.

Nothing much new since I posted last week. Some good days with the chiro, some bad. But definitely progress. In bummer news, I keep getting a rash along my jaw and neck. I think it might be related to my hair, since it seems worse after I shower. Which really sucks because I absolutely love my shampoo and conditioner. But meh, they aren't eco friendly so I could be doing better. We'll have to see if it's both of them causing the problem or just one.

Final note, I'm on Pinterest! Feel free to add me:)

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