Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding Dream #1

I'm known for having pretty ridiculous dreams, and I knew I'd eventually start having wedding related ones. Well it's happened, and I thought it might be fun to write them when they do.

I'm getting married, though I'm not sure to who. My dog, who has a phone installed in her neck, rings. It's my brother. I'm in the middle of watching a movie so I figure it must be an important call, and thus he must be the person I'm marrying. I answer and he's called to wish me good luck. I then realize that I'm probably marrying David.

I put my dress on. It has long lace sleeves and is plain and flat on top. The bottom is poofy and bright blue. I wonder where the hair stylist is. Turns out we didn't hire one, nor a make up artist. I'm informed that we also didn't hire a florist, photographer, or caterer. I ask a cousin about the bridesmaid dresses, not realizing that she isn't a bridesmaid, her sister is. I can't remember who my bridesmaids are, until they tell me. They didn't buy dress, so instead they're all wearing jeans and white polos. One is just using a work polo, so it has a logo on it. The whole time I'm wondering where my wedding planner, Courtney, is. She shows up right before the ceremony, telling me she had been busy with other weddings, but that everything would be fine, even though it was too late to change anything.

Phew. Fun stuff. I know this is all because I haven't talked Courtney in a while so I feel so out of control with not a lot planned/set in stone. I have control issues, and it's definitely showing in my dreams haha.

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