Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Little update

I'm not up for a whole post, so bring out the bullets!

  • I've decided to add a "Health factor" to every recipe post. It'll talk about how doing this recipe can affect any health issues (like if somethings tough to mix and thus hurts my fibro).
  • Kate is leaving today for PR! You can see all her updates over at her blog
  • For the past 4 weeks I've gotten horrible headaches every day, that last hours. My doctor gave me some migraine meds, but they haven't helped at all. I'm going to try seeing the chiropractor my mom goes to. It's been so frustrating not being able to do anything. I really need to clean but the headache is already starting.
  • David started playing Dead Space 2 yesterday, and oh my gosh it is the scariest game ever. I thought the first one was bad but man, this takes the cake.
  • I'm finally making a dentist appointment. I've been putting it off for a couple years because of money, but I think I have a lose tooth so I gotta go. Thankfully I got some Christmas money, but paying for the dentist and the chiropractor is going to be tough.
  • I read 1984. It was really depressing. David and I were talking about how older books tend to lack good endings, or at least ones where people fight back. I really enjoy dystopia reads, but I think I'll stick to newer ones.
  • Sandy is a horrible guard dog. She barks at nothing, making us think we're about to be murdered or something. 
  • I also finished The Hunger Game trilogy. I was a bit bummed with the third book (she makes the character pretty helpless) but I'm really happy I read it. And mom got me the hardcover set for Christmas, so I'm really happy I'll be able to read it again when I want.
  • I'm currently reading Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. A lot of it is pretty boring, with only a few interesting bits. I keep waiting for exciting stuff like in the movie trailers.
  • I had a wedding dream but it was too confusing to write about. 
  • I painted my nails! Haven't done that in forever. It's taking some getting used to, but I like it.

That's all :)

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