Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chocolate Wasted Cake

For a Christmas party I had recently, I decided to make all kinds of wonderful goodies. But the main dessert would be a Chocolate Wasted Cake, whose recipes I got from here. Now normally, I show pictures of the whole process, but I'd rather show the pictures of what went wrong.

The recipe says to grease the pain, then sprinkle with cocoa, which I did.

Here they look fine. But after 30 minutes when I open the oven, the house fills with smoke. It was way too much batter for the cake pans 

We(my mom and I) put foil around the edges so they wouldn't burn, since the middles were still crazy goopy.

Done. And not very pretty. But hey, I figure they'll be easy to stack since they're flat on top. the cake stuck to the pan. I had to take pieces of the cake and mush it together.

Difficult to get the frosting on because the cakes were so broken apart. Because of that, there wasn't enough frosting for the sides.

I didn't get a picture of it finished. It's sad, but it was delicious. It was just way too much work. The house filling with smoke, having to clean the oven, molding the cake, the cake falling apart. But it was yummy, so I'll give it that.

Health factor: This cake was pretty stressful, and it also ended up taking longer than expected, so I was getting pretty tired towards the end. 

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