Monday, December 5, 2011


Yesterday, during the process of getting out Christmas decorations, I got hit hard with a sickness. My body is heavy and aching, my head is dizzy and confused, I'm tired, cold, hot*. I slept for 15 hours today, but woke up still feeling crappy.

I hate that this happened when it did. I still have a lot I'd like to get done for the holidays, but it's having to be put on hold. Often times when people get sick they end up seeing how their body is trying to tell them something. I'm attempting to do that, though I'm not sure what it's saying. Slow down? Enjoy the moment more? Don't over work your body? Heh, probably all of those things.

It's also difficult because I want to do everything I can to get better fast, but we don't have orange juice (so I'm drinking grape), or nyquil/dayquil. And this is also bad timing because David is crazy busy with school work and finals coming up and I don't want to be in his way at all, or make him sick.

But positive thinking! I've got garlic pills, grape juice does have antioxidants, Sandy is more than willing to cuddle, and I've got plenty of Princess movies I can watch.

*Also, food tastes funny, and I love food. Not cool body, not cool.

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