Monday, November 7, 2011

Date Night

On Friday David and I went to Taste of Asia at his school. Sadly, so did everyone else, so it was completely packed. We ended up standing the whole hour and a half and didn't have a great view but I really enjoyed it none the less. Students performed various acts (mostly dances) to different asian music and with different styles. It was fun and made me more aware of other styles (turns out my favorite performance was to what I think was a bollywood type song, I never would of thought I'd be into that).

After the performances there was a buffet with different asian foods, however, being that everyone and their mom was there, the line was huge and we knew there was a good chance they'd run out of food before we got to it. So after spending about 10 minutes debating restaurants we decided to go to Cheese Burger In Paradise. We normally avoid it because I tend to be sensitive to beef, but I could not resist a hamburger.

And then! They did karaoke!! Oh my goodness it was hilarious. The majority of singers were a bit painful, though one was pretty good. Towards the end of the meal I decided to get a Key Lime Pie Pina Colada.

It was divine!! And I loved the little details.

I kept the sunglasses. :)

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