Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm a huge fan of sushi, and David loves all food equally so we try to get good sushi for cheap whenever possible. We had a groupon for a place in Fredericksburg called Fujiya House and went Thursday.

It's mostly a Hibachi place, but in the back is a small sushi bar with a really sweet chef. And he did not disappoint!

My appetizer was a cucumber and crab salad. Oh man, it was delish.

David got an avocado salad, which he liked but he ended up preferring mine.

We got three different rolls. A Fredericksburg roll (shrimp/avacado/crab), phoenix roll (crab/spicy mayo) and bagel roll (eel/salmon/crab/cream cheese). They were so amazing! And the price wasn't bad at all (even without the groupon).

We are soooo going back:)

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