Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two Ingredient Pumpkin Cupcakes/Muffins

Alright! So I’ve seen some recipes online for 2 ingredient pumpkin cupcakes (however some call them muffins). I thought it’d give it a try.
Thick yet airy at the same time
Oh…that’s kinda odd..they aren’t moving. Well maybe once they heat up they’ll look more uniform.
Kinda dying here, but I’m hopeful! Let’s try it out!
Huh…somethings not right…
I can barely taste the pumpkin…did I do something wrong?
Maybe I should add frosting? Maybe that’ll be the icing on the cake HAHAHAHA I’M HILARIOUS…
You're the only one that understands me, Cream Cheese Frosting.
This is totally going to work…
Fail. With frosting all you can taste is the frosting. Without it there’s nothing really to taste. Not really sure what happened, I don’t think I messed up a 2 ingredient recipe, so why’s everyone raving about this?

Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm a huge fan of sushi, and David loves all food equally so we try to get good sushi for cheap whenever possible. We had a groupon for a place in Fredericksburg called Fujiya House and went Thursday.

It's mostly a Hibachi place, but in the back is a small sushi bar with a really sweet chef. And he did not disappoint!

My appetizer was a cucumber and crab salad. Oh man, it was delish.

David got an avocado salad, which he liked but he ended up preferring mine.

We got three different rolls. A Fredericksburg roll (shrimp/avacado/crab), phoenix roll (crab/spicy mayo) and bagel roll (eel/salmon/crab/cream cheese). They were so amazing! And the price wasn't bad at all (even without the groupon).

We are soooo going back:)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's faaaaaaallllll

Ah I'm just so happy for this season. It truly is my favorite. The chilly weather, changing leaves, pumpkins,  halloween, bonfires, gloves. Can you see why I chose October for the wedding?

The only bummer that comes with the changing of seasons is how it affects my body. My body hates change, whether it be from movement, plans, or weather. So I've been feeling especially achey and run down while I get used to the new temperatures.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with friends for drinks and wings (5 free wings per $1 drink, how awesome is that?), where we'll discuss Halloween costume ideas.

Monday we're finally going to look at a bunch of wedding venues! I'm crazy nervous and excited for it (nervous that I won't like anything). Fingers crossed it's a success.

About two weeks ago I decided to try a gluten free diet to see if that would help my stomach woes. It doesn't appear to be doing anything sadly. I'm giving it another week, and if it doesn't work, I'm going to try to be more diligent about taking Lecithin before meals (somehow that seems to help).

Oh! And David and I plan on protesting in DC on Sunday. I'm still trying to think up a good sign (currently liking "Too Sick To Work, Too Poor To See A Doctor), but we'll see.

And lastly, here's a picture to make you smile; Sandy waiting for David to come home from school: