Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Awesome Sauce Shrimp and Rice Recipe

All you need is rice, precooked shrimp, Japanese mayo (kewpie or kenko), and sauce (we use "seasoning sauce" but soy sauce works too).

In a small bowl, combine your mayo and sauce. Be careful to not use too much sauce. And you can never use too much mayo.

Put rice in a bowl.

Add shrimp. (We warm our shrimp up in the microwave first for about a minute, this way you also don't have to let it defrost).

Add sauce, stir, and enjoy! This is absolutely delicious. I hope you enjoy it:)

Health factor: This is so easy, nothing complicated about it. You do have to wait for the rice to cook, but that's no problem if you time making it right.

David and I went to the fair

For a surprise date, David took me to the state fair :)

I was very excited and surprised lol.

"David! Show everyone how excited you are!"


I thought this ride looked terrifying.

funnel cake

cotton candy

caramel apple
I could have done without the apple :P

foot long corn dog
A foot long corn dog.

Ferris Wheel from Laura Diddams on Vimeo.

I rode on a ferris wheel for the first time! It's a short video though cause my memory got full fast lol.

We had an awesome time, I'm so glad we got to go.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Quick Link

I just wanted to have somewhere on here a link to a post I did for OffbeatMama a while ago about losing my son. It gives you a bit a background info on my life and what not. Click here