Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Harry Potter!

David and I went and saw the Death Hallows Part 2. Oh man, it was so good! We decided to go all out, so we went to a new theater in Fredericksburg. You buy your tickets ahead of time, chose your seats(which were leather and had moveable arm rests to make them into loveseats), then get access to a 21+ club/lounge.

It was decorated so beautifully! Huge chandeliers, old photos, satins and leather.

We sat at the bar and they had a bunch of Harry Potter themed drinks.

David got a Slytherin; I believe it had pineapple, rum, and some other stuff.

I got a Gryffindor, which had cherry vodka, sour mix, and other stuff.

They were both pretty yummy. We were kinda hungry so we decided to get sushi. It was to go, so we got to take it into the theater. By the way, the VIP seats(what we picked) are in a separate balcony from the rest of the theater, and you get escorted to your seats. So flippin fancy!

Oh it was so wonderful. The food and seating were great, the movie was wonderful (I bawled my eyes out), just the whole night was awesome. It was pretty expensive though so I doubt will do it again, but I'm glad we did:)


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