Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cookout and Scribblish

David and I had a cookout with some friends the other day. David grilled corn and veggie burgers(yum!). I made pasta salad and drinks.

I made pineapple limeade, oh my gosh, it was the most heavenly thing ever. I want to drink it every day if possible.

Together we made banana pudding. 4 boxes of pudding mix, layers of banana slices, vanilla wafers, and a surplus of redi whip.

After eating we played one of our favorite games, Scribblish. It's like a mix between Telephone and Pictionary. Here are some random pictures from the night:

Kate and Fernando! It was so awesome finally meeting him.

Alex with a sly grin.

Cheryl brought her ukulele:)

Fern reading his Scribblish paper. That's Roger in the hat.

David dying over something. Mary is in the chair.

Sandy kept us company haha.

It was a pretty awesome night!


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