Friday, August 29, 2014

Music of August

You know, I think I'm going to make this a monthly thing, where at the end of the month I post my favorite songs at the moment. I just like sharing good music!

 A little silly and NSFW, but oh man it's catchy and hot

Fun and catchy

This video is painful to watch, but wow is the music and imagery powerful

How does he sing so high pitched?! It's amazing and I dig it

Yes, a very old song, but I heard it for the first time in Guardians of the Galaxy and it's so pretty(and depressing)

Let me know if you enjoyed any of these!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Th greatest salad dressing ever

Well okay, that might be a stretch. I certainly haven't tried them all, but I am in love with this one. I found the recipe on Instagram and made it a bit my own.

I put it on a salad of romaine, apple slices, and brazil nuts

It's super duper easy to make, and not bad for you! You'll need:

1 can mango slices
1 can pineapple chunks (I end up using about 2/3 of the can)
Couple dashes of olive oil
Couple dashes of white wine vinegar
Couple squeezes of Dijon Mustard

Combine the above in a blender and that's it! As you can see, I don't really use measurements for this one, I just keep adding till it tastes how I like. But oh man does it taste good, and I end up making enough for about a week at two meals a day. I really really recommend adding fruit to your salad when using this, anything like apples, strawberries, dried cherries. Then a chopped nut for some healthy fats and proteins and you're good to go!

Let me know if you give this recipe a try!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dog Sitting

I've found a thing! A thing I like! A thing that makes me money while not killing me! Woohoo!

I'm an official dog sitter, I have a profile on, which means they take a percentage but that way I'm insured and also gets my name out there. I had my first client from there this past week and that was quite a learning experience!

I watch Sandy (my moms dog) often just cause I love her so much. When her friend found out, she asked me to watch Buck

That went really good, so then I decided I'd try making pet sitting official. I ended up watching Handsome, a hyper yorkie who was super cute.

Now I'm going to let a gal that lives near by come use our yard a few times a week so her big dog has a place to play (since theres no local dog park). 

If you happen to be local, heres my website link. So yeah, good stuff happening:)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Celebrity Deaths

This is going to be a weird post. It's 4 in the morning and I can't go back to sleep. If you haven't heard, Robin Williams died yesterday (apparent suicide). And while I'm incredibly sad over his passing, I'm not anywhere close to crying. Reading a lot of comments online, his death has really affected people more than they thought it would, ie first celebrity death they've cried over. So I kept wondering if I was weird for not being more visibly upset. But I think, when you've dealt with such a close, powerful, soul sucking, nothing makes sense anymore death, the death of others doesn't hit you as much. You know grief, what it really is. You know how it feels to hear those words, to lose someone you see every day, not just in a movie every now and then. Suddenly death, the way you react to it, it's not the same anymore. You're familiar with it, its a presence that looms around you forever. So the passing of a celebrity, while horrible and sad, it just doesn't affect you like it used to.

I'm not sure the point of this post, it's mostly a rant, and hey, isn't that what a blog is for? I guess I'm just trying to form into words how I feel, so I don't berate myself for not being more upset. Meh, words and stuff.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


If you're not familiar with the Japanese language, the title of this post might be a bit of a mouthful. But it's pretty easy to pronounce, O-ko-no-mi-ya-ki (japanese letters tend to always end on vowels, so if you're trying to pronounce a japanese word, you'll probably be correct if you separate the letters as such).

Anywho! Okonomiyaki is a popular japanese dish that I had been wanting to make for ages. It's main ingredients are cabbage and squid, which to some may sound awful. But I knew David and I would like it so I decided to give it a try.

Let's just say, living in Virginia, you're not going to have a great amount of options when it comes to ingredients. I could only find squid at my local asian market, not even Wegmens had it. The recipe also calls for Chinese Yam (nagaimo) and literally no one sells it here. I asked the owner of the asian market about the yams he had and he seemed pretty confused, saying his were korean yams, and that a yam is a yam. Sadly this isn't true, but I bought one anyway to give it a try. Nagaimo is grated to create a sticky substance to hold the okonomiyaki together. I grated the yam I got, but it was mostly just mush. Still I used it anyways, since it would at least provide some yam flavor and filler. Cabbage, eggs, and flour are also needed, which was fine since you can get those anywhere. I forgot to buy tempura, so I just substituted with bread crumbs. For toppings it's reccomended to use bonito flakes (dried fish), japanese mayo (trust me, it's different), and okonomi sauce (which is a sauce specifically made for okonomiyaki). Thankfully my asian market had all of these, so I was ready to go.

Have you ever cut squid before? Let's just say it's not easy. Slimy little buggers, their bodies are very rubbery and hard to cut through. I had David take a picture because this was a pretty new experience. There's nothing like getting squid goo all over your counter.

After combining everything, you cook them on a frying pan. Instantly it started to fill the kitchen with a delicious smell. I knew this was going to be good.

Look at that! Bet you thought it'd look awful huh? But nope, it looked and tasted amazing. Even with out it being completely authentic, I was really happy with the results. I should warn that it is a process to make, and you're going to get your whole kitchen dirty. But I recommend giving it a try (this is the recipe I worked with)!

Friday, June 20, 2014

We're done!

Ahhhh! We're moved in, everythings painted, I'm so happy! Heres a before and after of the front of our house:

(ignore the bad lighting)

Blue door and shutters, flowers instead of ugly bushes! Very very happy! 

And here's a whole tour of the house:

Tuesday, June 3, 2014